Among the most impressive of its kind in Britain.
— The Telegraph

The North York Moors Chamber Music Festival

Jamie is the founder and artistic director of renowned The North York Moors Chamber Music Festival. This magical Festival which has just been shortlisted for a White Rose Award, is held annually and now in its umpteenth consecutive year.  It provides the highest level of chamber music within historical buildings upon one of our country’s most stunning and panoramic landscapes.  The hugely varied repertoire and affordable prices have been contributory factors in the festival being such an immediate phenomenon.  Erased is any hint of elitism as the festival encourages the notion that music should be for everyone and its natural environment gives a platform for this philosophy. The potential power of music to bind locals and visitors together regardless of religion or politics is also a great motivation; the artists and audiences alike thrive within the friendly yet passionate atmosphere.

Do feel free to visit the Festival website.


The Ayriel Ensemble

Over the many years working with fellow colleagues at the Festival and indeed as part of other festivals both abroad and in the UK, a flexible chamber ensemble has emerged from these collaborations.  The energetic interpretations which manifest from such experiences are being further explored through Ayriel Classical which aims to build upon a discography of these as they evolve.  From duos, sonatas, trios and piano quartets to octets, The Ayriel Ensemble is a versatile group whose main focus is to convey the passionate and visceral performances captured within the unique environment from which they evolved.  The community of musicians organically developed from within the inspirational atmosphere up on the North York Moors, where they can bond and study without distraction, creates something magical - and this is now being documented through Ayriel Classical and performances outside of the Festival and its seasons.  If you would like to experience some of this yourself, please enquire through on the Contact page.  We take great joy in sharing what we do.